“Dear Jim,

It was with a great sense of pride and joy when I heard about your announcement to run for the office of Sheriff in Lee County. My wife Gloria and I want to wish you and Angela, all the best in this endeavor, as it will take your entire family and friends and neighbors to hold you up in prayer through this campaign, as you (please God;) will come to raise your right hand to God; to assume the Constitutional responsibilities for Sheriff of Lee County Florida.

If you would allow me this great honor Jim, as a former deputy Sheriff like yourself, who also rose through the ranks to have been elected Sheriff of Lee County, I too would like to add to that chorus of other Sheriff’s [sic] like Rod Shoap, and other lawman throughout Lee County, to let the citizens know that you have been a true and faithful lawman throughout your entire law enforcement career.

In that you, Jim, serviced the citizens of Lee County, with both honor and distinction for the 12-years that you served under my command with the greatest of respect for the deputies and civilian employees that reported to your assigned supervisory duties of authority. As a natural leaders, Jim, you always lead by the fine example of that humble calling living deep inside you, that showed more concern for those you commanded and served, than it did for yourself.

It is because of your personal leadership skills Jim, with well over a thousand hours of specialized executive training at all levels of law enforcement, along with your strong character, and love for your family and dear wife Angela, that I sincerely endorse your candidacy for Sheriff of Lee County, and humbly ask all citizens of Lee County, my family, friends, fellow deputies, as well as all law enforcement, and first responders in the adjacent cities and towns of Lee County who can readily attest to your years of faithful service, dedication, and strong leadership to help elect a steadfast and loyal patriot, like yourself, in this upcoming FY2020 election, for the Office of Sheriff of Lee County Florida.


Retired – Lee County Florida Sheriff

John McDougall”

“Dear Jim and Angela,

It is a great honor for me to write this letter. I have known both of you for over 30 years and I have known both of your families for longer than that.

I am writing this letter to endorse Jim Leavens for the Office of Sheriff in the upcoming election FY2020. Jim’s experience, character and diligence outline the reasons for me to make this decision.

I know that Jim Leaven’s [sic] only concern is for the safety and welfare of the citizens of Lee County, Florida. Jim understand better than most that our number one job in government is to protect our citizens. I rest knowing that he will make that his priority.

No Sheriff performs this job alone so I am thankful that Angela will be right by Jim’s side, having her own career and experiences to draw from, to aid him and bring peace and comfort during the trying times.

By this letter I am recommending that my family, friends and all citizens support and vote for Jim Leavens for Sheriff of Lee County, Florida. Remember, Experience Counts!

Rodney Shoap,
Retired – Sheriff, Police Chief & Magistrate”

Endorsement of Jim Leavens

July 2019

Dear Jim,

I would first commend you for becoming a candidate for Sheriff of Lee County. Secondly, may I acknowledge to you my total endorsement towards this most important decision by you and of course your family.

Lee County needs a man of experience such as yourself to lead the Agency forward and serve with the utmost dedication the citizens and visitors of Lee County.

Your family’s service in law enforcement goes back several generations. This is a fine example of selfless dedication to the law and protection/service to our communities.

Your hands-on experience, knowledge and genuine determination to serve allows the citizens to choose a true professional who earned promotions through the ranks of the Agency.

I believe you have strong, unwavering family values, with dedication to law enforcement and protection of citizens. This allows voters to choose a person of true integrity to lead Lee County’s law enforcement.

All my best to you and your family. May the citizens of Lee County come to realize your exemplary capabilities to be their elected Sheriff.

George P. Brightman, Chief Deputy (retired)

Dear Jim,

I want you to allow this letter to endorse you for Sheriff of Lee County, Florida.

As you know, I served the citizens of Lee County for over twenty years, retiring from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. I retired as a Major, in charge of Internal Affairs. I believe I am in a unique position to judge you and your capabilities to be Sheriff. In my opinion, the present candidates for Sheriff of Lee County, do not have the capabilities, honesty and integrity to lead the Sheriff’s Office into the future. You do.

While I was the Commander of Internal Affairs, you were one of the
Lieutenants assigned to investigate complaints against the Lee County
Sheriff’s Office. During this time period, approximately five years, I was able to observe your work ethics, your judgement, your integrity, your honesty, your work habits and your leadership abilities. I have to say I was totally impressed. I have always wanted the best for Lee County and it’s citizens, I still have the desire to protect Lee County and it’s citizens. I spent thirty-seven years in law enforcement, prior to that I served in the U. S. Navy’s Submarine Service. I feel like my whole life I have been in service to my country or to my County and State.

I want only the best for Lee County and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Presently, the citizens of Lee County do not have the best. I hope and pray that you are successful in your run to be Sheriff of Lee County. You deserve to be Sheriff and, Lee County definitely needs your honesty and integrity!
Sincerely yours,

Billy L Case, Major (retired)
Lee County Sheriff’s Office

July 14, 2019 Dear Jim,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your run for the position of Lee County Sheriff.

I have known you for 30 years and have worked with you professionally for twenty years at the Sheriff’s Office.

While working with you I have always been impressed with your work ethic and dedication to the citizens of Lee County. On a personal level I have always been impressed with your integrity, honesty and moral code.

The Sheriff’s Office has always been a brotherhood and sisterhood of fine employees who are dedicated to achieving positive results for the citizen’s of Lee County. The leadership is now more interested in publicity than its primary function of public safety. It needs to return to it’s ‘open door’ policy for both citizens and employees. Citizen’s, employees and the media deserve answers to their questions and concerns and need to feel like their input or ideas are of importance. A strong relationship between the sheriff, employees and citizens is crucial for the office to run smoothly and effectively.

During my 35 year career, after serving in the Army, I have worked for six Sheriff’s and have had much experience in observing various aspects of Command. There is no doubt in my mind that you are by far the most qualified candidate for Lee County Sheriff. The citizens of Lee County deserve the best and you are the man who can give them the best. For the aforementioned reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse you for the position of Lee County Sheriff.

May God Bless You and your family in this endeavor.

Colonel T. Jeffrey Taylor (retired)