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My Calling – Leavens for Lee

My Calling – Leavens for Lee

My name is Jim Leavens. I retired from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division with the rank of Major, with over 30 years of law enforcement service… all here in Lee County.

Honor, integrity, and excellence were instilled in me by the law enforcement members of my family like my mother, her father, my uncle and my two older brothers, to name a few. It’s these qualities, along with others, that have driven my career in law enforcement in Lee County, Florida for over three decades. I’m fortunate that I never had two bad days in a row at the agency.

While many others view their jobs as just something they do, serving and protecting my community—being a cop— speaks to the very core of who I am. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the community of SWFL have given so much to me. For that reason, I can’t help but be passionate about my commitment to the citizens of Lee County.

Having devoted my entire career to the service of SWFL, from the Jail and Core Facilities to Undercover Narcotics, Homicide and Violent Crime to Internal Affairs and Road Patrol, my calling to become Sheriff has been stirring in me for quite some time.

After retiring from the agency in April 2018, at the rank of Major, I thought that fire would die down. Instead, the passion inside me to see Lee County and the areas around it to be safe and a sought after paradise continued to grow to new heights. It’s become apparent that the time I devoted to excelling within my role in each department I served—thousands of hours of advanced training and so much more—was meant to prepare me for right now as your Sheriff.

Supported by my incredible family, including my wife of over 24 years, who retired as a forensic specialist with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, I’m ready to tackle the urgent needs of Lee County. I’m prepared to do this for as long as it takes to help ensure our community is strong, healthy and able to grow in such a way that safeguards our residents and their families.

With recent gross negligence and oversights occurring, like being second to last in the state for deputies per capita, we cannot accept the trend of electing politicians to office and trying to teach them to be cops. This formula does not, can not and will not work.

You have the opportunity now to elect an experienced law enforcement professional with a proven record of leadership to correct the recent past and help establish the best path for the future of our area.

Experience matters and my experience speaks for itself.

I’m excited to continue my commitments to you, the people of Lee County… my friends… my family.

Leavens for Lee – Because Experience Matters!